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A chartered professional counsellor and lecturer Alex developed her psychic and intuitive gifts as a young child. Alex can do readings both in Spanish and English and will endeavour to transfer her peace and light and wisdom on each reading. Her clairvoyant style readings can capture past, present and get messages for the future. Freecall 24hrs 1.800.240.5224

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Had a reading with Alex- Although I am also a reader I have to say that I found Alex very good - - She has her own style of reading but she was quite accurate- I highly recommend her to anyone looking for clarifications.
CG from NSW

Thank you for your guidance this afternoon Alex. Much appreciated.
Anonymous from WA

I have had two readings with Alex, the first reading was on the first day Alex logged onto the top10readers and WOW, OMG how accurate Alex was with me. Alex asked me what my concern was and then proceeded to tell me how may weeks my problem had been going on and the reasons for the upset and then gave me great tools to deal with the people in a better and positive way. It was as though Alex could literally see into to my life from the other end of the phone. My second reading two days later with Alex was equally as good and again could describe my situation and details of my surrounds with amazing accuracy. Alex gave me more tools to use to help settle myself (which I still need to apply) and again an amazing and very helpful reading.
I highly recommend Alex to everyone, she is a bright and positive intuitive but still tells real life as it is & is excellent in giving insights and tools that are extremely helpful, a twenty minute reading is good but not long enough.
Thankyou Alex, I will call you again.

Absolutely amazing. Alex i can't believe how accurate you were regarding my past present and shared insight about my future. God bless.
NB from NSW

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