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Your reading with Lyvea will focus on messages from your spirit guides about your current situation and your future. Lyvea is a clairvoyant with 12 years experience giving reading and healings to people from all around the world, including at the famous Eumundi Markets in Queensland. She is also an accomplished astrologer, and spiritual counsellor. Her horoscopes have appeared in magazines in Australia for many years, including 'YOUR STARS' magazine, published by The Psychic Club Of Australia. As well as the satisfaction of helping others, Lyvea and her fiance enjoy writing and publishing stories for children and adults - which means she has a LIFE... and this is good for YOU. Call 1.800.240.5224

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Beautiful, genuine clear reading, thank you Lyvea for your sincerity, intunement and counsel.
CR from SA

Great reading Lyvea, your readings are filled with compassion and honesty. No huff and puff. I truely recommend you for a reading. You are a shinning light.

I felt very blessed to have found Lyvea Rose as I found her to be not only accurate and interesting as a reader, she is also a very genuine, caring and authentic person.

Great reading Lyvea. Your readings are filled with compassion and honesty. No huff and puff. I truly recommend you for a reading. You are a bright shining light in this world.

Awesome! Great feeling.

Great clarity about the future…

Very helpful. Lovely reading, thank you.

Gave me clear insights to help me move forward with my life. Thanks so much.

I was quite stunned while I was listening to my reading. You described everything so well, with humour, love and patience. Thank you so much. I am so grateful for your time and effort. Much gratitude.
Jeanette (recorded astrology reading)

Thank you for the Astrology Reading Lyvea Rose.
Your style of delivering the reading was very down to earth and practical. You explained all of the planetary influences for my year ahead in a way that will allow me to make better informed choices concerning certain important areas in my life. Your deep understanding of the spiritual aspects of Astrology in regards to your Clairvoyance was spot on. Your reading was awesome.
I’ll most certainly be recommending you to everyone who is interested in an Astrologically channelled reading.
Big Love, Freya

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