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I have been doing readings for people since the age of seventeen. I also have abilities in remote viewing, psychometry, precognotive dreams, crystal work and questions with a pendulum and precognition of future events. When I look into someones eyes and or touch their hands... a lot of facts come to me about whom they are and what they've done in their lives. Freecall 24hrs 1.800.240.5224

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Excellent! Spot on reading! Thank you!
LN from MELB

Monica predicted many things that came true! The birth of my sons baby, that my son was moving back from the United Kingdom and that we eventually moved to Sydney from Queensland. Shes very warm and positive definitely a very accurate psychic :)
AJ from Sydney

I asked Monica for a reading on my current relationship and future relationships and she was fantastic. Really understanding, predicted many future events to happen and was very happy with her, thank you, Kylie TAS
KP from TAS

Very satisfied customer! Exceptionally accurate reading. Witty & lovely character. Will definitely phone her again. Best clairvoyant hands down. You won't be disappointed. Look forward to phoning her again :)

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