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All registered psychics with the World Psychic Organization agree to follow these 11 ethical guidelines:

To be candid and forthright with the client at all times even if the information is likely not to be of a nature the client was wishing to hear.
To be honest in communicating to the client any and all impressions received, yet more importantly: communicating the fact of any lack of impressions thereof.
To provide psychic information only to those who have clearly requested that you provide such nature of counsel; and only at that time of such a request.
To never claim to be a perfect psychic because only God itself could be a perfect seer through the infinite interconnecting destinies of all living things.
To respect the automony and spiritual rights of all individuals including all associates of your clients, renouncing any inclination to influence another without expressed explicit consent.
To offer all the help and assistance that you can possible give, within the time that the reading session affords, without presuming or intending for the client to return for superfluous sessions.
To never proclaim any form of medical advice based on spiritual sources alone, ask the client to check first with a health professional who they trust.
To offer clients complete privacy and confidentiality regarding any information discussed within a reading, without exception or expiration, except when given no choice by law.
To remind clients upon addressing matters of great worldly importance, that spiritual sources of information are neither infalliable or absolute, thus the client should remain ultimately judicious.
To always assume that all other psychics inherently have the potential to be your "extra sensory" equal or even exceed your current ability.
To dignify each client with an equal level of respect and subsequent psychic dedication, regardless of their appearance, accent, culture or level of intellectual education.