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Cassidy's Profile

I have been aware of my gift since early childhood although it was not until my early teens that I began to realise that not everyone possessed these abilities. As a child I would sometimes see spirits and have always been able to feel the energies of people, animals and places very vividly. I also often had a strong connection to people and animals and could sometimes sense their distress or happiness even when I was far away from them.

I have learnt in my 15 years experience as an active psychic that it is important to be open and honest with people and to have a nonjudgmental attitude towards all of my clients regardless of their situations.

I believe that my purpose in life is to help others to heal and become the best they can be. This is what drives me to offer my services as a psychic and a medium to others.

My readings generally follow a similar set of stages. At the beginning of a reading I ask a few general establishing questions. This helps me to connect with the clients energy and to establish their goals for the session.

Sometimes I am able to connect with a client's deceased relative or friend. When this occurs I will always ask for consent prior to connecting with the loved one. These readings are often very powerful and emotional for myself and the client but always end with a positive and warm feeling of contentment.

If I sense there is an emotional or spiritual blockage I am often able to clear that for the client, or I will refer them with further steps to help. In addition to my typical readings I am also able to offer pet readings. Freecall 24hrs 1.800.240.5224

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I had a reading from Cassidy for January & it's amazing how accurate she was
about so many things, as I've had time to look back at what she said at the
start of the month & it has unfolded just as she predicted. She also put my
mind at rest about a couple of things that I had been carrying around, so I
feel much better about the past & the future. Just got a February reading
from her, so I'm looking forward to seeing if she is spot on again. I have
great faith in her abilities.
JK from NSW

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