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Can I get a shorter 10 minute reading or longer 30 minutes?
Our psychics prefer to do sessions in 20 minute "blocks". You can always choose to extend for another 20 minutes.

Do you provide readings internationally to a variety of countries?
Call 617 3102 1176 if we don't provide a freecall number in your region.

How will the transaction appear on my credit card statement?
Under the name "The Psychic Club".

My phone 'dropped out' during a reading session, what can I do?
Simply call back again, the system should recognise your phone number & offer you minutes free of charge.

Which cards do you accept?


_call 24hrs 1800 024 024
_select from all the psychics available at that time
_$69 by credit card for each 20 minute session
_after 20 minutes you can choose to extend for another 20