Emma has been providing tarot readings for over 15 years and as an experienced empath & intuitive tarot reader, she aims to be a great source of inspiration and empowerment in times of confusion and transition for her clients.

She will shed light on your current circumstances and offer you the necessary empathic guidance, support and clarity that you may require. Emma takes an openminded, non judgemental and compassionate approach in her readings.

Emma likes to increase your overall understanding of your situation, so that you will ultimately be in control of your own decision making process. Call 1800.019.019

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I found Emma so helpful I stayed on to receive more time with her. She gave me great insight into issues I was facing both at work and home. She was also very correct with the information she was able to provide me and I used her advice to help me get through some very challenging times. I felt instant connection and openness and shared information with her that I didn't think I would because i wanted to 'test' her authenticity. That didn't last long and I will continue to contact her as I need.
RC from VIC

Really informative, honest, to the point. Very insightful. Lovely reader who has a good sense of humour & is compassionate. Recommend this reader to anyone that wants good guidance.

She is very kind,understanding and honest.I feel she was able to assist me through her sincere guidance.I'll call her again.
B G from

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