Can I get a 10 minute reading or 30 minutes?
By credit card our readings are always in 20 minute sessions or "blocks". This is the way the clairvoyants like it. You can choose at the end of the 20 minutes to continue for another 20 minutes if you need more time. By selecting option 2 (see above) you are placing the cost to your phone account (Australian residents only) you can talk for a maximum of 30 minutes with no minimum.

What cards do you accept?
Visa, Mastercard, Americian Express,.

How secure are my credit card details with you?
We do not give out your private information to any other company for any reason. We have had a superb record with the merchant services department of the Commonwealth Bank for over 20 years without a sinlge privacy/security incident.

Do you provide readings internationally to a variety of countries?
Yes, please call 1888 2888 920 from USA/Canada. The rest of the world please see our contact page.

How will the transaction appear on my credit card statement?
Under the name of "The Psychic Club Of Australia".

What if I have a problem with the automated readings system?
We prefer emails over phone messages.... so we can respond at any hour of the day and we also won't struggle to catch you.

My phoneline dropped out during a reading, what can I do?
Simply calll the reader back, the system should recognise that you have free minutes remaining by seeing your callerID. If you have a private phone number, then dial1832 before dialing our phone number... so the system can see your callerID has free credit. Whenever the system asks you to enter your phone number, please enter the same number you did before the call dropped.

option 1 by credit card

- 1800 019 019_or from USA 1.888.2888.920
Depending on availability, you can be directly connected with the reader of your choice.
The readings are $69 for each 20 minute session.
Phone 10 a.m. - midnight, 7 days. All major credit cards accepted.

option 2 by phone bill

- 190_222_0803__$5.50 per minute including GST, but higher from mobile phones.
You will control the length of the call and thus the total price. Maximum 30 minutes.
Place the charge onto your phone account. Provided by Telads P/L
- You may need to call your phone provider to turn on "190 premium rate services".

Since this phone bill ine charges you even at the start of the call during which time you hear the list of clairvoyants who are currently available, we strongly recommend that you avoid this unnecessary cost by first checking our "live availability" webpage to see which clairvoyants are currently logged on... or even call the freecall 1800 number to find out who is on.

"The only real valuable thing is intuition."
- Albert Einstein